Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission

Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission

The Southwest New Brunswick Regional Service Commission provides land planning services to all Local Service Districts in our region, along with some municipalities including the Town of Saint Andrews, the Village of Grand Manan, and the Town of St. George. This function includes the development of rural plans, the administration and enforcement of the plans, the issuance of building permits, conducting building inspections and the approval of subdivisions.

Fee Schedule for Non-incorporated Areas

Service Fee
Parcel being added $200.00
Documents (deeds, leases, exemptions, easements, mortgages) $100.00
Zoning Confirmation $100.00
All Variances (dimensional, temporary use, similar use, development officer) $250.00
Non-Conforming Use Application $250.00
Terms & Conditions Application $250.00
Subdivision Type 1 $200.00 + $25.00/lot
Subdivision Type 2 (road or private access) $500.00 + $50.00/lot
Subdivision Re-application Administration Fee $100.00
Temporary Permit $250.00
Building Permit $25.00 + $5.00/thousand
Development Permit $50.00
Electrical Waiver $25.00
Rezoning $1500.00
Client Requested Special PRAC Meeting $500.00

Rural Plans in Local Service Districts

Town of Saint Andrews Municipal Plan 2010
Town of Saint Andrews Zoning Bylaw 2010

Village of Grand Manan Rural Plan 2004

Town of St. George Municipal Plan 2011
Town of St. George Zoning Bylaw 2011
Proposed Town of St. George Zoning Bylaw 25-B

Planning Committee (PRAC)
Previous Minutes


Building / Development Permit
Sign Permit
Tentative Subdivision Application

PRAC Agendas                                           
PRAC Agenda 18-12    (December 2018)    

PRAC Meetings

November 14, 2018
September 10, 2018

June 12, 2017
April 10. 2017
March 13, 2017

Notice Board 

St. George:

Town of Saint Andrews:

Planning Review & Adjustment Committee (PRAC):