Tourism Promotion

New Services Launching January 2024!

In January 2023, the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission (SNBSC) received the opportunity to provide Regional Tourism Marketing services and act as the Regional Destination Marketing Office for Southwest New Brunswick. This opportunity was granted due to the province of New Brunswick's Regional Service Delivery Act under the local government reform. All local governments and the Rural District in the region are working together to promote regional tourism and contribute annually to the Tourism Destination Marketing Office for the Southwest Region under RSC 10 (SNBSC).

The primary goal of the Regional Destination Marketing Office (RDMO) of the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission is to achieve long-term, sustainable growth in the regional tourism industry. It is a collaborative body that brings together regional tourism stakeholders in the territory covered by RSC 10 and is driven by the industry's vision. The RSC tourism marketing committee, tourism stakeholders, and industry operators and providers are all essential in coordinating the regional tourism economy.

In 2023, the Regional Destination Marketing Office created a blueprint for its future service levels, key focus areas, and priorities. The 5-year Tourism Promotion Strategic Plan will be used as a guide to launch the new services. Over the course of 2023, the foundations of the new office will be established, and the official launch of the new services is planned for January 2024.

Businesses or organizations interested in staying informed about the office's launch, programs, and industry updates are encouraged to join the mailing list. The Regional Tourism Office for Southwest New Brunswick welcomes all businesses without charging a membership fee. Therefore, if your organization or business wishes to participate in future package promotions or offerings, please fill out our tourism operator form to be added to the list so we can connect with you. For general inquiries about future services, please email us at for further details.

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