The need for public transportation services is increasing due to a multitude of factors. An ageing population that is less inclined, or capable to drive, increasing rates of disability, and the mounting pressures posed by growing communities on one hand and the low density of rural areas on the other creates the need for a strategy with viable travel options to support the efficient movement of people.

Enhanced transportation options will make it easier for people, especially vulnerable populations to access services, healthcare, education, and cultural activities. Efforts to strengthen planning aimed at better linking New Brunswick communities on a provincial scale will make it easier to match the labour supply with demand, which will support potential business investments and improve financial outcomes for the province.

As part of the local governance reform initiative undertaken by the Province of New Brunswick an expanded mandate has been established for regional service commissions (RSCs) including areas relating to community development, economic development, and regional transportation. This change represents a significant endeavour for RSCs and recognizes that RSCs will now provide regional leadership in each of these areas.