About Regional Service Commissions

The Regional Service Commissions were established in legislation through the Regional Service Delivery Act. This legislation sets out the requirements for the Commissions, including mandate, structure and key operating guidelines.

Our Commission is one of the 12 regional service commissions covering the province of New Brunswick. This new model of governance at the regional level was created by the province to help communities to better communicate and collaborate regionally, as well as plan on a regional basis. These commissions enable communities to work together more effectively, to share certain services and to consult on a common vision of regional development.

Each Regional Service Commission Board is comprised of all the mayors of the municipalities within the region, and a representative from the Rural District. Should the director not be available, the alternate is automatically the deputy mayor of that municipality or a designated alternate for the Rural District.

Although they became directors of the corporation because they were elected as mayors or rural district advisory committee members, they have different fiduciary responsibilities as directors and must act in the best interest of the region as a whole when at the table of the RSC.

2023 Board of Directors

Member Position Community
Ken Stannix Chair McAdam
John Craig Vice Chair Eastern Charlotte
Jim Tubbs Member-at-large Rural District #10
Allan MacEachern Director St. Stephen
Harvey Matthews Director Campobello
Brad Henderson Director Saint Andrews
Bonnie Morse Director Grand Manan
Denny Cogswell Director Fundy Shores



Meeting Minutes