Zoning By-laws & Regulations

Please contact a planner or development officer at the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission to understand how a planning regulation or by-law may apply to your property (506) 466-7369. The below list is for quick links and is not exhaustive and may not include all amendments.

Use this regional map to find out what by-law is in effect for your property.

Rural Plan for Fundy Shores:

Lepreau Musquash Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Lepreau Musquash Zoning map

Rural Plan for Village of Grand Manan:

Village of Grand Manan Rural Plan By-law 56-22 and Zoning Map

Rural Plan for Villages of McAdam:

Village of McAdam Rural Plan By-law 65 and Zoning Map

Rural Plan for Rural Community of Campobello:

Rural Community of Campobello Island Rural Plan and Zoning Map

Rural Plans and Zoning By-laws for Eastern Charlotte:

Town of St. George Zoning By-law 25-C and Zoning Map

Village of Blacks Harbour Rural Plan By-law Z.2 and Zoning Map

Pennfield Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Pennfield Zoning Map

Fundy Bay Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Fundy Bay Zoning Map

Rural Plans and Zoning By-laws for Saint Andrews:

Town of Saint Andrews Zoning By-law Z22-01 and Zoning Map

Bayside Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Bayside Zoning Map

Chamcook Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Chamcook Zoning Map

Rural Plans and Zoning By-laws for St. Stephen:

Town of St. Stephen Zoning By-law No. Z-3 and Zoning Map

Dufferin Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and Dufferin Zoning Map

St. David Planning Area Rural Plan Regulation and St. David Zoning map

 Rural Plan for the St. Croix River:

St. Croix Corridor South Area Rural Plan Regulation and St. Croix Corridor Map

Planning Regulations Applicable to Rural District:

Provincial Setback Regulation - 84-292

Provincial Building Regulation - 81-126

Building Permit Prerequisites Regulation – 2020-20

Provincial Subdivision Regulation -_80-159