The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission launched residential recycling program in September 2018, replacing the previous system of community bins.

This program provides an expansion of recyclables accepted, including more kinds of plastic and tin cans.The new program is residential only, those with large amounts of recycling such as schools and businesses, need to make arrangements for pick up with private contractors or other means. Recyclables are accepted at Hemlock Knoll Sanitary Landfill at no cost.

  • Participation in the program is voluntary
  • Recyclables placed in blue carts will be collected in the same fashion as the waste program
  • Only carts assigned and/or approved by SNBSC will be used to participate in the residential curbside system

  • Blue carts will be assigned to each primary residence

  • Recycling pick-ups are on a pre-approved schedule of every 4th week with current waste haulers, with regular garbage picked up on the other 3 weeks (no garbage pick-up on recycling week)

  • Acceptable recycling will be place loose in the blue cart, no bags allowed

Accepted Recyclables:

  • Paper/Cardboard

  • #1 Plastic (PETE) containers

  • #2 Plastic (HDPE) containers

  • #4 Plastic (LDPE) containers

  • #5 Plastic (PP) containers

  • #7 Plastic (OTHER) containers

  • Metal food cans - rinsed and dried

  • All food and beverage cartons - rinsed and dried

Materials NOT Accepted:

  • Glass

  • Expanded Foam (Styrofoam)

  • Plastic Bags or any plastic films