Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recycle glass?

No, glass breaks easily and is dangerous for those that sort the materials. Broken glass will contaminate other recyclables in the cart.

Why can't soiled items be put in the recycling cart?

Soiled items may contaminate other clean items and will decrease the value of the recyclables. Soiled items may cause odours which could attract rodents.

How do I avoid potential odours caused by rotating scheduled pick-ups?

Purchasing a backyard composter or Green Cone Digester for organic food waste will help eliminate potential smell issues.

Can I use my blue cart for garbage collection week?

No! The blue cart is to be used ONLY for recyclables. Using the cart for garbage will result in a dirty, smelly cart which will contaminate recyclables.

What if my cart is not full on collection day?

You can wait until your cart is full or you may put your cart out at the curb partially full.

What is the procedure during waste weeks?

You can continue to use the same method you currently use, there is no change in garbage collection on waste weeks.

What if my cart gets damaged or stolen?

The carts carry a limited 10 year warranty against manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear. Lost, stolen or destructed carts will be replaced at your own expense.

Can I recycle my redeemable beverage containers?

Yes, however we encourage you to take your beverage containers for a refund at the local redemption centre.